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    If an alien arrived on our planet, would the world really stand still? We hardly think so. Poor Ankzosibrzap would probably get bumped and jostled by people scurrying about their business amidst exclamations of "watch it, weirdo" and "you want mustard on that, buddy?" How is the peace-minded alien to get noticed in our modern, buzzing, self-centered society? The same way Aliens always have - crop circles! Only this time insted of destroying acres of farmland our Alien can create buzz by covering his/her ankles in crop-circle compositions rendered in super-comfortable extra-long staple cotton and Lenzing® Micromodal with eye-grabbing colors. As our alien reclines on Oprah's interview couch to share his/her life story and intentions as our new overlord, he/she can be confident in a wide media coverage drawn in by the high style of Ankliens socks.

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