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    AnkleXpress is the industrialization of a love story. Some say love comes gently, like a sunrise. Others say love hits you like a train. For Hannah and Jake, love started at the sole.

     In typical girl-meets-boy fashion, when Hannah first noticed Jake, a witty comment seemed to be the fail-safe tactic to start a conversation. Opting to be anything but normal, Hannah complimented Jake's fabulous socks. A bold move, perhaps, but boldness is rewarded in matters of love and fancy footwear. He was flattered. When she texted him a picture of her crazy socks the next day, he was hooked. They knew from that moment they were a matched pair. Hannah and Jake are now happily married and sharing their passion for fabulous footwear with you.

    Socks brought Hannah and Jake together, and while we can’t promise true love, we can promise exceptional ways to Xpress yourself. Jake’s unique perception of design is brought to life in the footwear he creates. Pattern, color, even the structure of the sock itself-- all are focused on providing the best thing to ever cover your feet.