Aaaaaaand....We're Back! Check out our new socks!!
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What are your socks made of, and why is that better? 

    A: Our socks are made of a unique blend of micro modal and extra long staple cotton. Basically, it's a fancy way of saying that the cotton we use in our yarn is softer, stronger, and longer lasting. Even better, it resists pilling, which will keep your socks feeling extra fresh!

    Q:  Where do your designs come from?

    A: All of our designs are original creations from our head designer, Jake. Part of his vision is that people everywhere- even those who normally don't wear patterned socks, can express themselves through our fun designs. All of our patterns come in a bright color option and a more neutral option to accommodate all tastes. 

    Q: How should I care for my socks?

    A: Please see our page "The Proper Care and Feeding of AnkleXpress Socks" for details.