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    Colorful dress sock care

    With AnkleXpress you get socks that are incredibly soft and comfortable, colorful and bold, uniquely designed, use the highest quality luxurious yarn, and made right here in the USA. All those sumptuous feels require some extra care in handling. 

    For the tl;dr crowd:

    How you treat your socks will influence how many little thread pokies come through: treat your socks like the luxury vehicles for your feet that they are and they'll be fine.  Beat those special things up and they'll fall apart like a Ferrari in a demolition derby/baja race/offroad rally/rock crawling competition.  

    To try to keep your socks in top condition (and those mischievous little thread-ends in their place) we recommend that you be gentle on your socks as much as possible.  

    Recommended Care:

    • Wash on the delicate cycle.
    • Wash after every use
    • Wash just with other socks or with lighter-weight fabrics.  Avoid washing them with heavy fabrics like denims. 
    • Just fold them, don't store them turned inside out.
    • Don’t use the socks as athletic socks.  We know you want to rock the basket ball court, sprint down the track and shred the gnar, but we’ve designed the socks to be used as dress socks; you know, with dress shoes and nice slacks and all.  They're not ribbed, polyester blend, thick and padded.  They're sleek, soft and stylish!  The rigors of sports will wear out your socks faster and cause massive outgrowth of yarn tips. 

    Show those socks the same attention and care as you would a fine suit or that $500 bespoke T-shirt you picked up and they'll serve you well.

    For those who like long-winded, detailed, but extremely enlightening explanations with pictures:

    All that super-soft yarn combined with our bold patterns actually create a bit of an engineering challenge for sock knitting machines.

    Two things can happen with the yarn inside the sock:  First, the threads can either continue all the way around the sock even when they're not needed in the pattern.  Second, those threads can be cut whenever they are not needed and then inserted back in where they appear in the pattern.   You get two corresponding results with your socks:  When the yarns continue without cutting you end up with a sock that won't stretch because all those colorful yarns are connected internally.  Those socks are really hard to put on and they tend to bind up around your ankle.  They’re really uncomfortable!   The second outcome, when you cut the yarns, is that you get a nice stretchy sock because all those colorful yarns are cut and separated.  That's a sock that is easy to put on and comfortable to wear and that's what we've chosen: comfort!  

     If you look on the inside of a sock, you'll see lots of little yarn ends hanging out in there.  Those little guys actually have made the sock super
    comfortable.  The drawback is that those little cut ends of yarn tend to work their way up through the sock and pop out on the
    outside of the sock.  This can make it look like your sock is unraveling – but it isn’t!  Your sock is just fine, it just has some of those unruly little yarn ends yearning to peek out and see what's going on out in the world.  You’ll notice that when you first open your socks, you don’t really have those little guys poking out.  Over time, as you wash and wear the socks, more of them work their way out, like daisies pushing up out of the ground.  It's very normal for this kind of sock design to have some thread ends sticking out.*  

    All of that is why we say that how you treat your sock will impact its long-term look. If you aren't nice to them the you get a poor, abused sock: 


    Poor abused socks.  So sad.  Don't be that guy!


    But, if you treat them like the fine clothing accessory they are then you'll have a lasting relationship with the most stylish comfortable dress socks you've ever owned!


    * Even though it's normal, we've got to admit we're not totally happy with it.  We're working with our manufacturer to see if we can engineer in some changes that maybe they haven't thought of before to see if we can eliminate the dread "yarn daisy-head syndrome."